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To assist surgeons in their decision making

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WaveImplant is a high potential company on the market of medical devices related to implantology. Using the knowledge we have gathered over years of research, our team is developing medical devices able to retrieve key information on the biomechanical characteristics of the bone-implant interface. By assisting surgeons in their decision making, our devices are designed to improve the success rate of implant surgeries and improve the experience of both the practitioners and the patients.

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Dental Implant Failure

A major issue for dental surgeons worldwide

With a rate currently estimated around 15-20%, implant failures have a strong negative impact on patient satisfaction, causing aesthetics-related issues, pains, and nutrition troubles.

For dental surgeons, implant failures mean non-chargeable additional costs and losses of productivity and reputation.

Implant stability is the main determinant of surgery success or failure. Hence, this feature has to be monitored

Our Solution

OsteoWave is the first medical device developed by WaveImplant.

Using an ultrasound-based technology, it allows to measure with precision dental implant primary and secondary stability and provides the right information to the dental surgeons as to whether the prosthesis can be set up with the optimal chance of success.




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Our Objective

Based on a proprietary technology, the mission of OsteoWave is to respond to an unmet medical need in the dental implantology field.

Our objective is to develop, register and commercialize a decision support medical device allowing to: 

  • Decrease the implant failure rate and the associated costs 

  • Obtain a precise, reproducible, reliable and objective follow-up and control of dental implant stability

  • Improve the performance of dental implant surgeries

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