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Our solution for the monitoring and the control of dental implant stability

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A problem to solve

Implant failures

Dental implants have an estimated failure rate as high as 20%. These failures are highly detrimental for both the patients and the surgeons:



For patients, implant failures are a source of multiple complications:

  • Aesthetic issues 

  • Multiple surgeries

  • Lasting discomfort

  • Loss of self-confidence 

  • Nutrition related issues 

  • Degradation of the general health condition

Dental Surgeons

Implant failures also have a strong negative impact for surgeons:

  • Additional costs (e.g., loss of chair time, cost of implants and biomaterials, increased risk of lawsuits from patients...)

  • Damage to the surgeon's reputation

A Problem To Solve


What is OsteoWave ?

OsteoWave is an innovative medical device aiming at measuring dental implant stability, the main determinant of the surgical success, in a patient-specific manner.

Using ultrasound technology, this medical device (class IIa) allows to retrieve a reliable estimate of the implant stability and to define the optimal and patient specific surgical procedure. This powerful tool is an affordable solution to improve performances, reduce healing time, and decrease the failure rate.


The technology is based on the analysis of ultrasonic waves reflected at the interface between the implant and bone tissue, the ultrasonic waves being emitted from a probe screwed within the implant. 

The implant stability is strongly related to the reflected acoustic energy. Signal processing techniques based on deep learning approaches have been developed.

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In vitro experiments and preclinical studies have proved that OsteoWave has a better reproducibility and reliability than its marketed competitors. The results have shown that our technology is able to significantly reduce the level of error on the estimation of the following parameters that are all related to dental implant stability:

  • Bone quality

  • Implant insertion depth

  • Cortical bone thickness 

  • Healing time

These improvements help reduce the failure rate and allow to shorten the elapsed time between the initial surgery and the implant loading. Thus, using OsteoWave will be highly beneficial for the patient, who is less likely to experience complications, but also for the dental surgeon, who maintains its reputation, saves money and has the possibility to bill the patient earlier as the procedure is to take less time.


Two families of patents and patent applications are licensed to WaveImplant by the CNRS on an exclusive and worldwide basis. Together with the know-how of Guillaume Haïat’s laboratory accumulated during the past 12 years, they represent the main assets of WaveImplant which offer the company an exclusivity on its main markets of application.

In the upcoming months, new patent applications will be filed by WaveImplant.

OsteoWave is a technological breakthrough obtained after years of research. To read all the scientific publishings about OsteoWave, click on the link below:

Research / Publications

Research / Publications

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