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WaveImplant obtains the « GOLD Company » label from EIT Health Investor Network

Nantes, France: May 4th, 2021

After having been audited by renowned European venture capitalists, under the aegis of Angels Santé and, only a few days after its success at the Tech Tour France 2021, WaveImplant was awarded the “GOLD Company” label by the European organization EIT Health Investor Network. An important mark of recognition of the quality of WaveImplant technology and commercial offer, this award constitutes an important achievement in the perspective of the financing and development of the company which thus benefits from a wider visibility within the community of the European investors involved in the MedTech sector.

Welcoming this essential support signal, Pascal Breton, CEO of WAVEIMPLANT, declares: “We are pleased that our project, by its relevance and its value, was able to convince our interlocutors within EIT Health Investor Network. We are convinced that this success will be of tremendous help to us in achieving our financial, industrial, and commercial objectives within the deadlines that we have set”.

WAVEIMPLANT, a French Medtech start-up specializing in the development and marketing of decision support medical devices, particularly in the field of dental implantology, is focusing on the development of ImplantUS, a new ultrasound medical device resulting from the research work of the team of Guillaume Haïat PhD, within the Laboratoire Modélisation et Simulation Multi-Echelle (MSME, UMR CNRS 8208, Créteil, France). ImplantUS provides a better framework for the increasingly widespread dental implantology surgical procedures and better guarantees their success in the short, medium, and long terms.

Today, statistical analysis shows that 10 to 20% of implant placement surgical procedures fail (see the publication by Ji et al., J.Oral Implant., 2012), which is obviously highly detrimental to patients and to dental surgeons. The vast majority of these failures are the result of an insufficient osseointegration of the implant and of a lack of its stability. Thus, before loading the implant with the prosthesis, practitioners are looking for an accurate and reliable assessment of its stability. However, the empirical or technological approaches currently used for this purpose do not meet the required specifications in terms of sensitivity and
reproducibility and leave a clear unmet medical need that ImplantUS will satisfy.

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